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    Always staying powered-up
    Are you tired of paying an electricity bill yet have load shedding and no power?
    Tired of missing your favourite TV program due to no power?
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    Perfect crops every time
    Do you feel the market pressure for low carbon and environmentally friendly products?
    Is your irrigation system well suited to handle power outages?
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    Can you afford to lose equipment due to electrical outages or voltage drops and surges?
    Have you ever considered Power Factor Correction for your business?
    Keeping productivity high
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    Are you tired of entertaining guests and the power goes out?
    Are you tired of being disconnected from the Wi-Fi?
    Never without power
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    Do power outages cost you massive production and crop loss?
    Do you have special storage and refrigeration needs?
    No lost produce
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    Do your networks and web-based technologies experience setbacks in the event of an outage?
    And do you have subsequent data loss?
    Maximising profit by being online
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Our Services

With the global drive to renewable energy and sustainability, let us show you true high-quality renewable energy solutions. Jeremiah Energy, your trusted energy solution architects, will help you make renewable energy an investment and keep your home and business always powered-up. Now is the time to make the move to renewable / solar power and stay connected and stay profitable.

Are you tired of being without power and powerless to do anything about it? We have just what you need to keep you powered-up and enjoying your home life with electricity 100% of the time. Now is the time to talk to us!!
Losing your crops through off refrigeration and poor irrigation systems is disastrous for your business. Talk to us on getting and keeping you powered-up every day. Plus let us talk about getting you world class irrigation systems.
When your business is without power and everything is idle, you are losing money by the minute. It is time to stop losing money. Let us show you how to save on your electricity bill whilst keeping your productivity high.

Quick Read Thought Provoking Articles

Going Green or Renewable Energy or whatever else you want to "label it", can be somewhat of a contentious debate and discussion amongst people. So we jumped right into the debate with some ideas and concepts of our own. Thought provoking? Have a read and then let us know.

And if you want to add an article of your own, please do drop us an email to discuss.


What the experts say

Why Choose Jeremiah Energy?

At Jeremiah Energy we sincerely care!

You can trust us as your energy solution architects to light and power up your world! We only recommend and install solutions that are of 100% benefit to you, your home and your business.

Your continued success is of utmost importance to us; therefore, we will only recommend what you need and not what is "nice to have"!

At Jeremiah Energy we are blessed to have some of the leading thinkers and designers from the industry in our team.

In addition, we work with leading local and global institutions and their trusted advisors, across the full energy spectrum.

Whatever you need, we have the team for you.

The energy solutions recommended by Jeremiah Energy are supported by high quality and long-lasting products.

We have partnered with leading local South African suppliers, of local and international products, to ensure that you receive the best renewable solutions on time, every time!

No matter your town, city or province; we have the best installation and after-sales teams for you.

With installation, only the best will do as one small mistake can be very costly.

Therefore at Jeremiah Energy we only use certified and fully compliant installation teams.

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We at Jeremiah Energy are proudly South African and passionate about supplying the best quality products and world leading services to the wonderful people of this great nation. With the promise to keep the lights on and the economy powered up, thereby playing our part in local job creation and poverty alleviation.

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